Templates Overview

A quick overview on what templates are and how they are used

What are Phonism templates?

Phonism Templates remove the need to build xml files and/or learn the model-specific configurations that can drive you crazy when trying to manage devices across different manufacturers and firmware versions. Instead, the Phonism template provides a simple GUI where you can set all the parameters you want to configure and apply them to devices in bulk. With a single interface, Phonism allows you to configure any make/model/firmware combination. 

What can be configured with a template?

Templates allow you to configure everything that would be applied to multiple devices. This includes line settings, SIP server, time server settings, dial plans, contacts, etc. You can also use templates to configure line keys, BLFs, speed dials and more.

It is also worth noting that any of these parameters can be set to overwritable and can be overwritten by a Phone or Template at a lower level (Check out Phonism Hierarchy if you're not familiar).

How are Templates used?

Templates allow for:

  • Creating settings that auto-apply to new devices upon boot up (Zero-Touch-Provisioning)

  • Performing bulk changes across a department, office location, or entire network

  • Creating test settings for troubleshooting one-way audio or other issues

  • Custom settings to be built for each customer or use case

  • Creating as many templates as you'd like 

  • Compiling multiple templates together in realtime for easier management

  • Much more!